AmbrosiaPICO operates 20 acres of high health budwood orchard. There are approximately 17,000 certified virus indexed trees in the orchard. PICO plays a pivotal role in supplying Canadian and international growers/testers with virus free propagative tree fruit materials. PICO works closely with members of the CFIA to ensure that this virus free status remains. This entails annual CFIA site visits, including field observations, leaf and soil sampling, auditing of source records for all materials in the orchard, and spray and fumigation records. PICO works with the CFIA and AAFC to ensure that the strict rules set forth for an Elite/Foundation block are followed.

The Process

Once an order is received a cutting order is created. Sticks, containing at least 10 buds, are cut and the leaves are removed. We consider everything from the second bud up to be viable. Sticks are graded based on the diameter of the base of the sticks and packed in groups of 100 sticks (1,000 buds). The bundles are wrapped in wet newsprint and wax paper and labeled with its contents and the recipients name. Orders are stored in cold-rooms until pick-up or delivery. Summer budwood is generally cut and shipped within 48 hours while winter scion wood is cut, graded, stored and shipped at the client’s request. See Ordering Procedures.

PICO would like to thank the Investment Agriculture Foundation of British Columbia for funding through programs it delivers on behalf of the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia to improve access to virus free stock.